FREEDOM AT LAST! Hand complex back-office accounting over to us so you can get back to life.

Focused Solutions for Healthcare Agencies

Freedom Suite

Complete Back Office Support
Freedom Suite is the all-inclusive cloud-based solution that integrates your payroll, income tax, and cost reporting with your routine accounting and bookkeeping—providing relief from the day-to-day accounting tasks, and year-end compilation of data.

Cost Reporting

Easy, Accurate, and Efficient
Accurate cost reporting is essential to the financial health of your agency and the industry. We take the burden of CMS compliance off your shoulders and make it easy for you to keep your facility in good standing so you can focus on other priorities.


Painless Payroll Solutions
Let our Kaizen Payroll team relieve you of payroll—including processing of W-2s and 1099s and quarterly and annual payroll filings so you can reserve your time and energy to run a successful business.


Don't confuse Knight CPA Group with the average accounting firm. We are a group of highly experienced professionals who have mastered the art of making work fun—both in our firm and for our clients. We start by taking complex back-office tasks off of your plate and serve as your “internal” accounting department. We then focus on simplifying accounting processes to make working with us easy and highly efficient. Add it all up and what you get is the freedom to get back to life and focus on the things you really want to do!

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We love working with our clients and empowering them with the information, skills, and tools needed to manage their business and financial affairs confidently and successfully.
Vanessa Egure, CPA
Vanessa Egure, CPA
Senior Accountant

Carrie Ramirez
Carrie Ramirez
Payroll & Bookkeeping Supervisor
Melissa Brackman
Melissa Brackman
Payroll Support
Eva Mireles
Eva Mireles
Tax and Accounting Associate
Victoria R. Rodriguez
Victoria R. Rodriguez
Tax and Accounting Associate

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