October 25, 2018

Cost Reporting

Easy, Accurate and Efficient Medicare Cost Reporting

Accurate cost reporting is essential to the financial health of not only your agencies, but also the industry as a whole, that’s why you need a dedicated team—one that knows the critical elements of the Medicare cost reports that you are required to complete and how to ensure your costs and expenses are accurately reported.
We take the burden of CMS compliance off your shoulders and make it easy for you to keep your facility in good standing so you can focus on other priorities. Instead of requiring our clients to complete onerous spreadsheets we simplify the cost reporting process:

Knight CPA
Other Providers
Number of items requested 4 to 5 9 or more
Detailed questionnaire required? No Yes
Complicated spreadsheets to complete? No Yes
Labor costs calculated by department? No Yes

(While all of this information is required, we do the work for you)

We provide a complete cost reporting solution that integrates with the comprehensive accounting services that your agency requires and will ensure that your accounting records are perfectly aligned with all CMS cost reporting requirements and are instantly accessible, thus expediting the process.

Our baseline pricing for Medicare cost reports is as follows:

  • Home Health and Hospice Facilities $2,800
  • Nursing Homes $3,500

Since each healthcare facility is unique, please request an estimate using the form below and we will reach out to you to talk with you directly.

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